We assist local and international clients providing them with legal advisory for their domestic or international operations, the establishment of legal capacities according to their needs, and their everyday commercial, tax and environmental activities.


We provide legal assistance on civil and commercial matters. In addition to ensuring legal compliance, we take into consideration criteria of flexibility, creativity and agility adapted to the changing needs of the business world. At the same time, we offer notarial services to provide legal certainty to any acts and contracts subscribed by our clients.


Real estate developers require specialized counsel throughout their projects, from the selection of the corporate structures that will enable them to promote their projects, to the financing mechanisms and proper design of instruments to use for the contracts they will execute with their customers. In this important field, we provide customized options to legally establish the projects that will be ultimately sold to the public, and to duly register them with the corresponding registry offices.


To resolve disputes, we analyze the problems and we seek to defend the interests of our clients attempting to avoid the use of formal means of dispute resolution, using instead out-of-court solutions and other alternative methods for conflict resolution such as arbitration. When circumstances call for it, we stand ready to provide judicial assistance in civilian and commercial matters, ensuring we maintain our standards of effectiveness, responsibility and agility.


We have the necessary knowledge and expertise to support companies with their passenger and cargo air transportation needs. This specific legal domain is closely linked to tax and commercial law.

Government organizations and international entities that govern air traffic follow specific standards and procedures that need to be observed closely to allow entrepreneurs to carry out their air transportation activities smoothly.


We provide the necessary tools to help our clients protect their goods, work, brands and other intellectual property (IP). We provide counsel with respect to products and work subject to registration, fields of protection and follow-up of registration procedures. Our objective is to provide thorough protection to our clients.


We provide counsel on banking and financial matters, ranging from the incorporation of Banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and leasing companies, to the more complex organization of consolidated financial groups. We help structure the legal departments within banking institutions and we audit their operation. We also assist in the execution of investment of funds, loan operations and the creation of trust funds.


We help our clients to comply with national and international labor laws, social security, health and occupational safety requirements, as well as with immigration requests and work permits. We develop hiring schemes adapted to each client´s operations and within the law, minimizing the risks entailed, while settling any issues that might arise from day-to-day operations. Furthermore, we contribute to the resolution of any conflicts, whether in the conciliation, administrative or judicial phase.